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Planning to buy fine wine? If you’re going to the store, when you pick up a bottle of your favourite Nederburg, you’ll immediately see a difference. First up, the label’s been given a makeover. Fresher, cleaner and clearer, it whispers quiet, confident sophistication. You’ll find that the new look mirrors what’s in the bottle too, with livelier, fresher-styled wines.

While these changes are only evident from the 2020 vintage whites and rosés, and the 2019 reds, the brand is celebrating these updates right now with an exciting new campaign that entices wine lovers to taste, learn and discover.

“Nederburg is a well-loved brand and a household name in wine,” explains marketing manager, Jackie Olivier. “We make sure to stay relevant and current with a rich and varied treasure trove of exciting offerings that invite you to explore across a range of style and price points.

“Our campaign is being run across a variety of platforms, making it easily accessible and simple to participate. We’re running it with the major retail chains and e-commerce purveyors, as well as on our own website.  Every purchase you make gives you a chance to win a prize – from a superb culinary weekend away in the Western Cape that includes a magical harvest experience at Nederburg to an opportunity to connect with loved ones and to enjoy occasions you may have missed out on during hard lockdown. There are also restaurant vouchers for dining at Nederburg’s The Manor and discounts on wine.

“We also have a line-up of other imaginative prizes designed to get you to taste, learn and discover. Special boxes are filled with different flavours, accessories and instructions, they let you explore in fun and different ways over games, cooking and other leisure activities.”

To keep curiosity ignited, Nederburg is also scheduling a range of intriguing interactive events in the historic Manor House (now called The Manor) that’s been given a fabulous décor update. “As just one example, we’ll be holding a monthly summer garden party in collaboration with 4Roomed eKasi Culture from Khayelitsha.

“Lastly, we’ve upgraded our website for a superior user experience. You can find out about our many Taste, Learn and Discover competitions, activations and brand home events via this platform.”


  1. This this post!!

    I want to reconnect with my parents.

    They normally visit us once a year but because of covid-19, we haven’t seen them. My boys especially, are missing them.

    Keep safe!! ❤️

  2. I would love to reconnect with a old friend Carryn. We lost contact with one another with work and life so going forward I would like to save the friendship.

  3. I’d love to connect with good friends I’ve missed so much during this lockdown over a delicious bottle of nederberg wine!

  4. I would like to connect with my sister. I would to take this time to spend with her and make her feel special. She was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and I would just like a day out of busy lives to make her feel amazing see the joy in the world, and make her remember not give up this battle. This would be so amazing to share with her. 😭😭😭

  5. I would love to connect with my family. I haven’t seen them for months and I’m trying to solve problems over the phone to help my mom. So really I need to be there to sort things in person.

  6. Would love to reconnect with my two nieces who I haven’t seen since hard lockdown and the one had Covid. I miss them so much

  7. Would love to reconnect with my beautiful sister and her precious family. We are a super close family and have a strong bond, unfortunately 2020 had a impact on all. I need some one on one time with her and them the rest can join us. Questions like how are you really doing and… and…. and… talk like sisters do, and then those crazy laughs coming straight from the heart, the joy that fills you from a strong foundation and just knowing everything will be ok. Love you my little sis! She rocked homeschooling and having her own business! So proud of her, but for the first 15 I know….. There will be tears of joy!

  8. I’d like to connect with my sister as we haven’t seen each other for a whole year!!!
    She lives overseas in Dubai with her family but I get so depressed and heart sore because she has health issues and it makes me anxious not being near her side… She basically raised me… She is flying down December 2020 and this would be so great to connect with her… Sister Bonding Moments is everlasting moments!!!

  9. If all goes well, I’m hoping to reconnect with my brother who I haven’t seen in over a year. He’s coming to Cape Town in December and I’m just looking forward to spending quality time with him and catching up on everything that’s happened in his life. He’s been through a lot recently and has had to go through it on his own because he lives so far away from the rest of the family.

  10. I would really like to reconnect with my high school bestie Senamile Mbatha. We now live in 2 different cities which are miles apart and if I’m being honest, I’ve never met a friend as great as she and I doubt I ever will. I miss her terribly

  11. My Parents, 2020 has made them feel a world away and with the pressure all around on business and individuals alike it has made it just that much harder to see the people we love and often need to get that boost of motivation and good energy from.

  12. I want to reconnect with my dinner club gals for good food, drinks and conversation! We have such fun and have been doing it for so long. zoom is just not the same.

  13. How wonderful ❤️. Honestly I’d like the opportunity to reconnect with everyone in my life. This year has hit hard. And I’m ready to reconnect 🌻 people are our power, our strength, our humanity. I miss my humans.

  14. I would like to reconnect with my Husband who is a Fire Fighter. He is so busy with fires and assisting with the Covid 19.

  15. Hi I would like to meet up with my friend Olga. She is a cancer survivor. I am sad that I haven’t seen her since the lock down 💕

  16. I’d like to reconnect with myself, it has been really a tough year nothing seem to go my way. Everything is not working out😩. Im just tired of life, everything and anyone and the only thing that has been keeping me going and helping me sleep well at night, is a bottle of a fine wine.

  17. I would like to reconnect with my two best friends. There is not enough hours in the day to spend with each other because one is working and two of us are studying which make things already hectic. Before the virus hit us we use to go out every month end or just chill by one of our houses and have a glass. We have been friends for about 8 years and they have truly become my sisters❤️ I miss them so much and would love to just spend more time with them

  18. I would like to connect with my cousin in England. Her brother recently passed away, my other cousin, and we wanted to be there for each other through this rough year. Covid-19 made it impossible for her to come and visit me. We chat on whats app and call occasionally. I love her very much and miss her a lot.

  19. I’d to connect with my campus friends, I haven’t seen them since the announcement of the lockdown, it’s really difficult. I think we missing a lot on each other’s lives, both the sad and happy times.

  20. I would like to connect with my friend Lizelle Swarts whom I have not seen since the Lockdown. We are events enthusiasts and this would such an amazing experience to reconnect and enjoy the wonders of nature.

  21. I would love to reconnect with colleagues from my previous job. We were an amazing group of people, worked extremely hard but also hard great and fun moments in the office!

  22. I’d really love to connect with my varsity friends. The friends we make there are friends for a lifetime, we just live so very far away from one another

  23. The friends you make at varsity on res, are friends meant for a lifetime. They’re the cery people I want to connect with. I really want to win this awesome giveaway so that I can have quality time with them forever

  24. I would like to reconnect with my mom… She has cancer and had to stay away from me and my siblings and keep extra safe during the lockdown. I’m greatful for her life and mine because many lost their loved ones to the pandemic (May They Rest in Peace). #AnAtitudeOfGratitude🙏🏽 #ATableForOne 🍽️#NederburgWines 🍷

  25. Hi! 👋🏻✋🏻👋🏻✋🏻

    We (my hubby and I) would like to reconnect with my parents. They live in Namibia and we haven’t been able to see them in a year due to COVID regulations restricting international travel. They will be visiting us (finally!!) in December and this would be the PERFECT reunion!

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter for this competition. And thank you for your inspirational and wonderful blog posts. It gives all places that usually don’t get recognition a bit of a platform to show off.

    All the best.
    🍷 🧺

  26. I spent 3 months au pairing in Rome and I’d love to reconnect with some of the friends I made there. Some live in Canada, one in Germany, one in Spain and one in New Zealand. It’s been 2 years and I miss them all so much!

  27. I’d like to reconnect with my cousins

    Funny story, they are my cousins from my dads side of the family. He lost contact with them when he was young as his dad died when he was still a baby. We kind of have a unique surname and about 10 years ago or so, one of the distant cousins messaged my brother on Facebook asking him about our father. We never knew about that side of the family and after everyone reconnected, we’ve tried going to Colesberg/Bloemfontein as often as we can.

    But i haven’t seen my cousins in about two years and even though we speak often, it’s just so difficult catching up. Hopefully even with Covid, we are able to see each other just for a short while this December and reminisce over a good glass of wine

  28. I’d also like to reconnect with friends who I have lost touch with or not seen in a while because of Corona. Would be so great to have a big feast at my house with them all able to come over 😊

  29. I would like to reconnect with one of my best friends who lives in jhb and I haven’t seen for ages. She is pregnant and would be so nice to catch up and chat babies 😊

  30. One thing this year has taught me was that anything is possible. I was very fortunate enough to reconnect with my brother, his wife and kids. My brother had always lived abroad and me moving to cpt at the same time they were in town was the best.

  31. I would love to reconnect with my siblings and cousins, with lockdown regulations being loosened, I’m excited for the hot summer afternoons with chilled glass of wine. Relax by the beach and listen to good soul music

  32. I want to connect with new people. This is kind of weird now that we’re living and have experienced a full PANDEMIC!! But I’m such a little out going person who loves socializing and meeting new people. Exploring new cities, checking out new art galleries and just expanding my circle.

    I want to connect with more people but defiantly still obey the regulations set by our government and WHO

  33. I wanted to reconnect with mh colleagues just outside of work . We being the essential workers we have had no break to just connect & unwind . Thanks to the restrictions being reduced/relaxed a bit we were finally able to get together outside of work.

  34. I would love to reconnect with my good friend, Tyla. I haven’t seen her since lockdown started and I miss her terribly. We used to meet up almost every day to either go to the gym or grab lunch but now that’s not really an option. Her living in the Northern Suburbs and me in the Southern suburbs makes it a little difficult to quickly meet up especially since neither of us have our own cars lol. Anyway, I would love to reconnect with her soon, perhaps while sipping some gorgeous Nederburg wine!

  35. I will love to reconnect with my besties, Roshnie and Desiree. We are friends for over 30 years . Friends from high school. We and haven’t seen each other for so long. I miss them both.

  36. I would like to connect with my family, my brothers and sister and their kids we haven’t seen each other for a while now I really miss them a lot my brother recently had heart surgery after my late sister’s son’s funeral he has diabetic he was in the hospital for about 4month it has been stressful year, I would really love to connect with my whole family and make special memories and be thankful..

  37. I pray to reconnect with my friend who has been stuck in Caoetown during this pandemic and couldn’t travel to meet up with me in Johannesburg. This prize will mean a lot for us when i meet him again

  38. I wanna reconnect with my bestie
    After lockdown I’ve discovered a lot of change in my life
    Me reconnecting with her over wine will show appreciation on how she’s been there for me and how she helped me heal from my depression
    I wanna share with her my new journey on being writer
    Cause I’ve a lot to say
    And to catch up on

  39. I would love to reconnect with my husbands family as they couldn’t make it to our wedding this year, as they live in the Northern Cape and we live in Port Elizabeth, so we weren’t really able to celebrate with them. I feel like reconnecting with them over a glass of wine (as we all really love our wine) would be the perfect way to celebrate our marriage with them.

  40. I would like to connect with my granny she is the biggest part of me I miss our crazy conversation she also loves Red wine said it make her heart and body relax her birthday is coming soon shes turning 70 and me rocking up with Nederburg wines would put a smile on her face.

  41. I’d like to connect with my brother Fabian Davids. Last week he asked me if I’d like my Christmas present now already. I’m such a sucker and agreed. To my surprise it was a Nederburg gift set with two bottles of Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon! He knows my heart. As we getting older we’re having more deeper meaningful conversations. We learn and grow together. I love that. And the smarty pants got me a gift we can share! #NederbergConnect

  42. I just had lost my niece, it was such a sad couple of weeks for me and my family. But I was grateful to connect with my sister in laws side of the family. Some of my family that came up to Cape Town.

    God made this for a reason so we could be in connection with many more family members and reconnect with his faithful love

  43. A neighbor here in the apartment, just bought a nederburg bottle for my brother. Can’t wait to enjoy this #nederburgconnect

  44. I’m looking forward to connecting with new taste buds! I am a lover of food and always up to try new different products and learn more about new recipes

  45. I would like to reconnect with my parents, because of the lockdown in the UK they decided to cancel their trip to come see us and their grandchild. Hopefully 2021 we are able to reconnect. I am hopeful

  46. I am grateful for social media cause I have been about to connect and reconnect with a lot of people from around the world

  47. I would love to reconnect with Yolisa. We met because of work things. We connected because of food things. We made plans. Then covid. It’s her birthday month so I would love to reconnect with her and celebrate her❤️

  48. I would like to connect with my family. We did not just go through the pandemic this year; multiple people was diagnosed with cancer and we have lost some. Family is the most important thing in this life and Nederburg is definitely my favorite wine.

    1. I have recently reconnected with an old lover. We parted ways when he moved to another country, we still kept in contact but long distance can be very stressful.
      He landed last week and we’re are taking a day at a time! But great to see him. All the butterfly feelings came back lol

  49. I would like to connect with my partner, we haven’t had time together physically in one place. We’ve been connecting on the phone due to work commitments. This would be a great way to reconnect.

  50. I’d love to connect with my best friend whom I haven’t seen since the lock down was implemented. It’d be even better to connect with her over a glass of wine because it’s her birthday on the 30th of November. So excited to meet up after so long! And we’re (myself and 4 other friends) even planning a surprise picnic to celebrate her 21st birthday with her. It’d be great to have our catch up over wine.

  51. I would like you reconnect with my friends as we all had terrible few months behind us, which wil stay with us forever and as a treat for isolating most of the time after work and over weekends.

  52. I would like to reconnect with my varsity buddies! I miss them, and adult life has been good, but now and then I just wish I can go back and appreciate those moments way more! We all need a well-deserved break!

  53. My one ultimate connection moment would be with my long lost stepsister. She lives with her mom in another city so we’ve lost connection

  54. I would like to connect with people who stimulate me, give me positive energy, and people who have my best interest at heart

  55. The first-ever wine I bought when I turned 18 and was allowed to drink has to be Nederburg wine

    I don’t remember the name of the wine but list definitely and white sav blanc, it was so great

  56. A Table For One is such a great concept. Love the content and context especially the travel, food and accommodation

  57. I would like to reconnect with my 2 dear girlfriends Antoinette and Zelda whom I have not seen since prior to lockdown. We chat on WhatsApp most days but I long to see them in person and catching up with one another. We’ve been friends for over 30 years and hanging out with them in a beautiful place with great food and wine would be so very special.

  58. Your page is extremely informative of some of the amazing venues & fabulous food we have on our doorstep. Thank you for bringing these wonderful places and produce to our attention. They need our local support to survive the harrowing impact of Covid on their businesses and our economy at large. After all “local is lekker “!

  59. I think we are so obsessed with social media that we forget about humility (ubuntu) so I want to connect with humility more.

  60. Connect with self-awareness. If you are brutally honest with yourself you can be held accountable for your actions and you can see things definitely and you’ll know your worth

  61. I have been seeing a lot of outdoor activities on your TM of camping and the beach. I’d like to connect with more outdoors this festive thanks to you

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