Hi! My name is Elske (pronounced El-skuh)

Origins: Greek, Hebrew & English
Meaning: God is my vow.

As Urban Dictionary puts it:

1. A woman who communes with nature, a green-thumbed creature. An herbalist. A weed queen.

2. Sweet, sensitive and caring. Nurturing, over-protective Earth mother-figure capable of ripping off heads and biting faces.

A name that never gets published, pissing off Elskes everywhere.

*I had to add that because if one more person mispronounces my name or ask where my parents got it from …

Welcome to my blog!

“A table for one” is all about travelling to exquisite destinations and eating delicious food. 

Accompany me on journeys across country and continent as I not only explore new places and meet new people, but also take an inward journey toward self-discovery and acceptance.