Mindful drinking: Drifter’s alcohol-free buchu G&T


Drifter Brewing Company launched its alcohol-free buchu gin and tonic at Cape Town’s Mindful Drinking Festival in 2019.

With the popularity and growing global trend of 0% health-conscious drinks, the Drifter team realised the importance of adding a non-alcoholic version to its core product lineup.

“In the past year, we’ve often been asked if we have plans to make any alcohol-free editions of our range,” says Drifter’s head brewer Zared Rogers. “So we decided to do exactly that with one of our most popular drinks: the buchu gin and tonic. After all, an ice-cold G&T is the definition of a South African summer, and now everyone can enjoy it regardless of whether they are drinking alcohol or not.”

The drink is infused with buchu, a fynbos plant only found in the Western Cape mountains and believed by the indigenous Khoe people to be an elixir of youth due to its medicinal properties.

The bottle offered by Drifter is pre-mixed, carbonated and ready to be poured over ice with citrus, cucumber, or botanicals. It is lower in calories and sugar than the original and contains zero alcohol.

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