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Chocolate – a delicious new brand extension

The Carrol Boyes brand has extended its offering to include chocolate.

In a sumptuous (and scrumptious) twist, well-known product designer Carrol Boyes’s brand has extended its offering to include chocolate, which includes milk- and dark-chocolate varieties. The brand is known for high-quality tableware and home accessories.

Chocolate lovers can now savour the Carrol Boyes lifestyle too, sharing in this delicious treat over a meal with friends or family.

4-mug holder – at full stretch

Crouched on a solid block of internationally acceptable acacia wood, this cast aluminium sculptural figure stretches down his arms to cradle 4 porcelain mugs adorned with faces. And those mugs are perfect for a hot cuppa to enjoy with your choccies!

How yummy and gorgeous!

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