What’s That Fragrance?

Have you ever thought WTF? And I’m not talking, “Wow! That’s fabulous!” – I’m talking “What the flip?” when you see the latest price of your favourite bottle of perfume? Well, now you can afford a different perfume every day with WTF – a fairly new brand to the “inspired-by” fragrance industry. 

Catherine Thompson and Jenny Arthur are the ladies behind the What’s That Fragrance brand.  For many years Cath honed her craft as a well-known candle maker, manufacturing candles, diffusers and room sprays for some well-known retail stores.

In March last year, an idea for a perfume range was born out of a brainstorming session between the two cousins over a cup of cappuccino. Two weeks later, they launched their perfumes to the public at a garden market – and they haven’t looked back since!  

Using imported perfume oils (many of which are procured from the very same suppliers who manufacture the original scents sold to the big brand names), each bottle is mixed as an Eu de Parfum, ie 20% perfume, and easily lasts up to eight or more hours a day.  At the very affordable price of R150 per 30ml bottle or R180 for 50ml, their growing fanbase increases weekly.  The fragrances comes in chic packaging and the 30ml bottle is sold with a unique, felt-like pouch – perfect for your handbag or gym bag.

The fragrances are perfect as pick-me-up gifts and are also very popular as bridesmaid announcement gifts, or as thank-you gifts.  

Jenny’s personal account of perfume

I have always had an obsession with perfume, and remember using my own pocket money to get a six-month subscription to a magazine when I was in matric, simply because of the free perfume they were offering.

I lived in London for three years and used to spend lunch hours browsing the huge perfume halls of the big department stores, spritzing the latest scents on offer and deliberating what my next perfume investment would be. 

I always treated myself to a new perfume when traveling, so that the scent would forever be tied to the magic of the trip.  YSL Paris reminds me of the Greek Islands, YSL Opium reminds me of the south of France (and visiting the Galimard perfume factory in Grasse). Armani Sí brings back memories of glacial fjords in Alaska, and Gucci Rush reminds me of my 40th birthday and Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew is what I wore to my wedding!

To me perfumes conjure up emotions tied to a specific time in my life, holidays, travel or loved ones and I consider wearing perfume an essential part of my health and beauty regime.

In building our website, Cath and I spent time on listing the fragrance notes of each perfume. We feel there is definitely something for everyone, be it floral, woody, spicy or fresh…

The duo is constantly working on new fragrances to add to their collection.

Visit their online store for a list of their available fragrances.

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