‘Amen’ to sustainable South African fashion

Beginning with a placard held by a beggar on the side of the road, Amen Fashion’s journey of awakening made its debut at African Fashion International’s (AFI) Cape Town Fashion Week 2020.

The Autumn/Winter 2020 collection calls on creativity that can be held accountable and is a fashion lesson in revising South Africa’s spirit of ubuntu. Aptly titled Ke Tshwere Ke Tlala, Amen Fashion’s narrative is distinctly African. Through the Tswana phrase meaning ‘I am starving/ I am hungry’ underpinning the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, the fashion duo, Brad and Abiah, are amplifying the voices of the voiceless.

The inspiration behind the collection is the lived experience of scores of people that many have become desensitised to. Amen Fashion continues to activate the support for local design and aims to interrogate the individual’s sense of adventure through the art of playing dress-up while cultivating a sophisticated and conscious consumer that makes considered purchasing decisions. Not only is this an exercise that seeks to challenge our collective fashion imagination, but also to instill a sense of humanity and empathy.

With polar fleece as a ‘thread’ (blogger: See what I did there?) that runs through the collection, which is deeply ingrained in the history of South Africa contrasted with mesh, slivers of animal print, Amen Fashion’s transformation of the mundane into key messaging serves a purpose that lives beyond the runway moment – contributing to the evolving global climate that the fashion industry has most been impacted by. Not a stranger to non-conventional uses of fabrications and non-traditional silhouette combinations, Amen Fashion stays true to form.

The proposition at Amen Fashion is clear: a sustainable way forward through the blending of our past, present and envisioned future. Here Amen Fashion bares all, while juxtaposing the necessary as art and vice versa – swaying in between the complexities of socio-economic divides through the discipline of fashion.

Photos: African Fashion International

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