Lindt Excellence beer pairing

Chocolate and beer pairing is the perfect way to celebrate World Chocolate Day on Tuesday, 7 July.

Lovingly created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, Lindt Excellence features a wide variety of flavours and textures. Each chocolate delivers a sophisticated taste journey as it stimulates your five senses.

What you may not know is that the Excellence range of chocolates pair well with beer, as the flavour profiles of different beers are often similar to the notes in dark chocolate. The different flavours vary from intense to sweet, ensuring chocolate novices and connoisseurs alike are delighted when their favourite Excellence chocolate meets its perfect ale.

Lindt’s Master Chocolatier and the Brew Master at Jack Black Beer in Cape Town, have put their heads together and created a list of recommended pairings you can easily try at home on World Chocolate Day.

Lindt Excellence 70% Dark with Jack Black Butchers Block Pale Ale

“Balance” is the perfect word to describe this combination. The fruity undertones of the ale balanced by the 70% cocoa flavour pair extravagantly well with the symmetry between malt and hops found in Jack Black’s Butcher Block Pale Ale. This, along with the underlying vanilla notes in the dark chocolate, creates a wonderfully distinctive taste.

Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate also pairs well with double espresso, Shiraz wine, green tea and red Vermouth.

Lindt Excellence 78% Dark with Jack Black Skeleton Coast IPA

Excellence 78% Dark and Jack Black’s Skeleton Coast IPA make for an intense and intriguing pairing. The powerful earthy aromas and floral notes in the beer complement the chocolate’s rich flavour. The high alcohol content contrasted by the powerful hoppy and citrus notes makes this a perfect combination.

Lindt Excellence 78% Cocoa also pairs extremely well with cappuccino, rosé, tea with milk, and champagne.

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense with Jack Black Lumberjack Amber Ale

Jack Black’s Lumberjack Amber Ale has a malty intensity, complementing the sweeter character of the Lindt Excellence Orange Intense dark chocolate. This clever pairing is strengthened by the piney-citrus aroma of the beer and made truly magical by the toasted almond notes in the chocolate.

Lindt Excellence features the likes of 70% Dark, 85% Dark, Mint Intense, Orange Intense and Sea Salt flavours in 100g tablets (RRP: R49.99; the 90% and 99% RRP R54.99). Flavours vary from intense through to sweet, with many combinations proving to be unexpectedly delicious and indulgent.

Since 2007 Jack Black has been brewing beers that inspire, excite and push the boundaries of craft beer in South Africa. There are currently nine different beers in the range so finding your perfect beer and chocolate combination will be easy to achieve.

For more information on Lindt Excellence range, follow the Facebook page, Instagram profile or head to the website.

To find out more about Jack Black Beer or to purchase beers, please visit the website. For updates on and news, follow Jack Black Beer on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. My most faaaaaavourite Lindt chocolate is the dark chilli chocolate yummilicious, but loving them all

      1. I love all Lindt chocolate but if I had to choose, it would definitely be cookies and cream ❤️❤️

    1. My favorite is the Hello Caramel Brownie
      So creamy, sweet and delicious!
      The packaging is also fun

    2. Dark chocolate intense, is my absolute favourite. I love it so much. I can eat it all day, everyday.

    1. My favorite Lindt Chocolate is the Mango and chocolate balls from Lindt. Absolutely yummy.

      1. My favorite is milk chocolate and my husbands all time favorite is mango dark chocolate balls from Lindt

  2. Thank you so much for this AWESOME LINDT GIVEAWAY. My favorite LINDT CHOCOLATE 🍫 IS LINDT COOKIES AND CREAM. 😍❤️😋🍫

  3. EXCELLENCE Roasted Hazelnut. My absolute favorite Delightfully Delicious. The divine aroma the combination of dark chocolate with the uniquely roasted hazel nuts Irresistibly delicious with each bite. Love it. ❤

  4. Awesome competition! My favorite lindt chocolate is the hazelnut bar that you find at the counters. Deliciousness!

  5. 70% cocoa dark chocolate is the lindt I love. The best part is that I am the only one in my family that eats it (insert evil laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣) and it’s a healthy option 😉😉😉😉😉😉

  6. Hi ! My favourite Lindy chocolate is the hazelnut bar, and anything that is 70% dark 😍😍😍😍

  7. #HappyWorldChocolateDay
    My favourite Lindt chocolate flavor is Swiss Luxury Selection. The combination of the ingredients just melts in the mouth and you experience a unique chocolate journey.


  8. The Lindt orange intense but I love all the Lindt dark chocolate with a little bit fruit will always be my favorite 😋😋😋

  9. Oh my gosh the Carmel and sea salt one is heaven
    And the chilli dark chocolate 🌶️🍫✨😁
    Love love love ❤️

  10. My fave has to be the Lindor Coconut Milk truffles. The most creamy, luxurious and velvety treat for any time of day💙

  11. My all time favorite is the Lindt dark chocolate cookie 😍 honestly have thee biggest spot in my heart for that beautiful flavor !!

  12. My favorite Lindt chocolate is the Lindor milk chocolate truffles I could eat so many of those 😍❤️! Fingers crossed for the win 🙏

  13. All the LINDTs are favourites for me with each capturing their own added flavoured essences albeit caramel, chilli, orange, seasalt ….. the entire rainbow of tastes. That’s the true secret & specialty for me. I just love dark chocolate with hints of textured flavours.

  14. My favourite is the Lindt Excellence with A Touch of Sea Salt. Could eat the entire slab at once!

  15. I absolutely love the Lindt Excellence Lime intense dark chocolate. I reward myself with a block after working out, it’s a great source of antioxidants 🙂

  16. Favourite is 70%. However the caramel bits are divine too. So hard to choose only one…. 😍🍫

  17. My favourites are the Lindt Excellence 70% dark chocolate range. I have been trying to shed some kilos recently and have completely stopped eating milk and white chocolate. I only eat dark chocolate now. I have bought the 70% dark chocolate slab, the 70% mild dark slab, as well as 3 of the following dark choc slabs when Woolies was running a special: chilli, sea salt and sesame seeds.

  18. My absolute favourite had to be the lindt excellence roasted hazel nut milkchocolate . It is so Devine .. it is basically love in its purest form to me 😍😍😍😍 but to be honest every make of Lindt is the best chocolate you could ever eat hands down🙇 You will never be disappointed. I could literally have it for breakfast lunch and supper if I was rich 😂😍
    If I won , it will be the perfect treat for my family since we are all chocoholics.😍😙🙆❤ fingers crossed for this beautifulchocolate heaven😢💖🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  19. Thank you for this sweet amazing competition. My all time fave would be the Lindt Excellence roasted hazelnut. Yummy!

  20. I LOVVVVEEEE the lindt orange intense chocolate.
    tastes amazing on its own but also melted with some milk , making a orange flavoured hot chocolate.

  21. I love the Chilli Dark Chocolate!! I love Lindt chocolate it’s so creamy and silky!! *yum* ❤️🤞

  22. I love all Lindt chocolate I mean, they all scrumptious😍😍😍😍 but my most favorite is the 70% cocoa. I can drown myself with those any day. I absolutely love the rich aromas from the cocoa.

  23. I really enjoy the roasted hazelnut, but also the salted caramel. Too many good ones to choose just one though. I love lindt ♥️

  24. My favorite is the 70% cocoa dark chocolate 😊Helps with my sugar cravings and It’s a healthier option 😁win win

  25. Hi😊

    I’m a lover of all Lindt chocolate but my ultimate fav has got to be the lindy hazelnut milk chocolate. It’s my go to!

  26. My favourite is the lindt is the mint and chillie flavoured. Although the coconut and hazelnut truffles are my all time faves

  27. I can’t choose because they all so absolutely amazing this is a really difficult choice but if I really have to pick one, it would be the irresistibly smooth milk chocolate 🥵🥵🥵🥰

  28. Hi my utmost favourite Lindt chocolate is lindt itself but if I had to choose it would be the Lindt Chilli flavour. Yum.

  29. Hi there @atableforone!

    I love them all… especially the LINDT Lindor White Irresistibly Smooth balls! xxx

  30. Never thought of pairing beer and chocolate! Sounds incredible 😍 difficult choice, but if I had to choose… my favourite Lindt chocolate is the Lindt Excellence 70% Dark chocolate or the dark chocolate balls 🤩🍫❤

  31. Lindt chocolates are amazing. Such quality smooth chocolate that just melts in your mouth! One of my favourites is Lindt Excellence – Coconut Intense. I live the combination of the coconut with the dark chocolate. 😍🍫 It just lifts me up when I am feeling down.

  32. The Lindor sticks. In my handbag, on my desk, in the kitchen. You’ ll find them everywhere.

  33. Hi ❤
    I absolutely love the Almond and Hazelnut Lindt chocolate . Thank you for the giveaway , it’s amazing ❤❤

  34. It doesn’t get better than the classic Lindt milk chocolate truffles – the hazelnut chocolate truffles come close, but classic stays best😍😍😍

  35. Lindt is the only chocolate I enjoy it doesn’t matter what flavors I pick I know it won’t disappoint every flavor taste amazing but the most incredible flavor I mostly enjoy it is the lindt cookies and cream, It sooo creamy and the cookies just add point to it 👌😁😁.

  36. My favourite Lindt chocolate would definitely be ALL the dark chocolate ones. The flavour I choose depends on my mood. If I’m feeling motivated and ready to conquer the world, I love me some dark dark 85% and up just for that extra push! If I’m feeling a bit down and demotivated I would get myself the dark chocolate roasted hazelnut or sea salted caramel one. It works wonders in making me feel good again.

  37. There are too many amazing flavors to pick just one favourite but the dark chocolate lindor would definitely be one of them! The chilli lindt is also absolutely incredible 🤩🤩

  38. I simply love the coconut milk chocolate. It’s simply delicious and leaves you wanting more all the time!

  39. I could literally enjoy any Lindt chocolate , but my absolute favorite is the 70% dark chocolate. It’s so lovely and rich in flavour. It’s also the only dark chocolate i can eat.

  40. Being a chocoholic i could literally indulge in any Lindt chocolate but i have to say thay mu absolute favourite must be the 70% Lindt dark chocolate. It is so rich in flavour and creamy. It just melts in your mouth. Also it’s the only datk chocolate that i can actually stomach.

  41. My favourite is definitely the strawberry, but I also love the chilli and the sea salt and caramel ❤️😍

  42. My favorite Lindt chocolate 🍫 is Lindt Lindor milk, its smooth and very yuuuuuuummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy🤤🤤🤤

  43. It’s reallllyyy hard to choose a favourite Lindt chocolate 😭😭 but I think I’d put the dark chocolate 70% cocoa one right at the top🥰

  44. I love the Lindt Sea salt – so delicious! And because it is so rich, I can make it last!

  45. Woah. Impossible to choose my favourite Lindt. Lindt hazelnut, or 70% dark, or sea salt!! But I think my tops would have to be Lindt white chocolate. So incredibly smooth, it quite literally melts in the mouth.

  46. My most favorite chocolate is the Lindt orange intense dark chocolate 😍😍 & the reason for that is because on Valentine’s Day my boyfriend bought it for me and iv been inlove with it ever since 🤗🤗

  47. I love the CREATION Crème Brûlée. My fiancé don’t like desserts so often look for chocolate that taste like dessert.

  48. Got here because I came across the giveaway and honestly before heading to your site, I immediately thought of the Excellence 70% cocoa slang because of its versatility. My family and I always buy it whenever we want to bake because of its rich flavour. And it’s not too intense so a small piece after supper is great.

  49. I just looooove chocolate, especially dark Lindt chocolate. It’s very hard to choose, but I love the dark Lindt chocolate balls, that just melts perfectly in your mouth. Definitely my special treat, to myself 😍 I also enjoy the Lindt chocolate with coconut pieces or roasted hazelnut with a cup of coffee & a friend to share with.

  50. I love them all but my favorite one is strawberry cheese cake from hello edition 😋 😍 💓 💗

  51. I’m a huge chocolate fan and I absolutely love all of the Lindt chocolate flavours but if I had to pick , I’d say my two ultimate favourite flavours is the Creation créme brûlée and the Lindt hazelnut milk chocolate 🙌❤

  52. My absolute favourite limdt chocolate is fruit sensation orange dark chocolate 😍😍 it does wonders on my taste buds🤤🤤

  53. My favorite Lindt flavour has got to be the Crunchy Nougat 👋🏻🥰 absolute perfection

  54. I love every chocolate of the Lindt brand, even the 80% cocoa but my ultimate fave is the Dark Chocolate Orange Intense as well as the Dark Chocolate Coconut.

  55. My fave would have to be the 70% / 80% cocoa from the Excellence range, something about that rich silk in my mouth that drives me crazy ughh!!!

  56. My fave would have to be the 70% / 80% cocoa from the Excellence range, something about that rich silk in my mouth that drives me crazy ughh!!! Love that it can be paired with many beverages!

  57. My favorite Lindt is by far the roast coconut. I have so many fond memories of it, and every time I savour a delicious block, it’s the beginning of even more amazing memories to look back on. There is such a beautiful story behind every chocolate slab, and every memory that’s created with every block being enjoyed. ❤️

  58. All Lindt flavours generally are loved by me😍 but what really hits the spot and makes me just want more of it, is the dark chocolate 😋😍 I can eat any percentage of dark chocolate for you all day, everyday💃😋😍 I’m legit very addicted to Lindt Dark Chocolate and literally no other dark chocolate can hit the spot like Lindt 😆💪 This week I actually went out twice just to buy Lindt Dark Chocolate because I felt for it soo bad during the lockdown 😂🙈 ♥

  59. As a certified chocoholic it’s so hard to just choose one, just like it’s so hard to only eat one block of chocolate lol. My favourites are Lindt Excellence Orange Intense, Lindor Milk Mint Truffles and Lindor Singles (Hazelnut). Happy World Chocolate Day for the 7th everyone! Thankful chocolate isn’t under lockdown haha xx

  60. My favorite Lindt is the Mint and Pistachio. Both these hold memories of my late Mum. These flavors were not available when she was alive but she often said she would love for these flavors to be introduced. I’ve always loved mint and Pistachio. When you bite into these decadent orgasmic mind blowing delicious chocolates you taste pure silkiness in your mouth. It wakes up not just your taste buds but takes your palate to a surreal level of pleasure.

  61. I love a classic dark chocolate, but I’m also a succer for Lindt’s crème brûlée. Soooo yummy! ❤️❤️❤️

  62. Oooohh it’s so hard toy choose, I love them all so much 😍😍 but my absolute favorite has got to me the Lindt Excellence 85%, it’s mine and my sisters go to!

  63. I’m especially fond of the 70% Cocoa Lindt Chocolate. Secret tip, I like using it in addition to baking chocolate when I make brownies or anything chocolate related. It’s taste is unmatched

  64. I looooove Lindt milk chocolate. An absolute favorite. I love love love the Lindt Hello range as well. A M A Z I N G!

  65. my absolute FAVORITE lindt chocolate is the dark sea salt, it’s SO good and always puts me in the best mood yumm 😍

  66. I am most obsessed with dark chocolate! 😍 I mean its healthy and bonus you get to indulge in this beautiful creation of bitter sweet dark chocolate, it doesnt get any better! 😍😍😍 So I would have to say that my favourite is… The Lindt Noccionoir! 🤤😍 It’s a dark chocolate with hazelnut praline filling with a whole hazelnut in the middle of each piece. 🤤 Absolutely devine! 😍✨

  67. I can’t decide between the salted caramel and hazelnut, but then again all Lindt chocolate is amazing.

  68. I wish I could say I knew how a Lindt chocolate tastes like but all kinds that I there I’d love so when next time I’m asked I can dearly answer and say

  69. Hi❤. My favorite is the Lindor milk chocolate truffles❤❤. So yummy😋😋😋❤❤❤

  70. My favourites lindt chocolates are the lindt extra creamy milk chocolate and the raspberry intense😍

  71. Oooooh, so many favourites…but ultimate favourite MUST BE caramel with touch of sea salt!!!! Yummy! Roasted hazelnut and touch of sea salt aren’t far behind mind you!!

  72. My fave are the Lindt white chocolate strawberry balls🍓🍓🍓 . When I went for a mammogram during breast cancer awareness month, I was given a goodie bag which included a couple of these beautiful balls! “The most heavenly taste explosion” is how I would describe them❣

  73. I looooove chillie and dark chocolate lint😍
    I only buy it on special occasions, it really is a incredible taste!🤤😁

  74. Raspberry Intense is such a beautiful flavor with the dark chocolate and sharp hit of raspberry but am also a fan of the richer creamier flavors such as Lindt Creation Hazelnut and Creme Brûlée . Actually I have yet to find a flavor I haven’t liked 😂

  75. Hi I trust you are well🤗

    My favorite is the Lindt Excellence 90% Dark Chocolate 🐣💕

  76. My favourite Lindt choccie is definitely the lindt chilli. Just absolutely love the taste and if you add a block or 2 to hot chocolate its insane how the chilli brings out the chocolate ❤❤❤

  77. My favorite one is the dark chocolate caramel and a touch of sea salt. .. when I found out I had high cholesterol levels a few years ago I had to make some lifestyle changes and had to change to dark chocolate. Thanks to Lindt I can still enjoy wonderful chocolate now and then without all the guilt. Absolute favorite

  78. I love the Lindor Assorted chocolates cornet. It offers variety and that guilt free pleasure of having one treat at a time and going back for one more…

  79. It’s pretty difficult to choose a favorite when it comes to Lindt but I definitely enjoy the Les Grandes white almond the most 🤤

  80. My absolute favorite Chocolate is Definitely the Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Truffles, yummy!

  81. I must say, with Lindt chocolate it really is difficult to choose just one flavor that I like. I really do enjoy all of their products depending on occasion, but if I absolutely must choose, it would definitely have to be the Lindor milk truffles, as they are an any time sort of chocolate indulgence, and honestly I cannot get enough once I start!

  82. I love Lindt chocolate in all the different varieties, however my favourite is the 90% dark, no flavour like that in any other chocolate.

  83. I love lindt chocolates but my favourite has to be the Lindt Excellence Caramel with a touch of sea salt 🤩

  84. I’m a chocoholic 😍especially if it’s Lindt 🥰then it’s very hard to resist but my favorite Lindt chocolate would definitely be the milk hazelnut🤤

  85. My favorite is definitely the milk chocolate mint one 😍 , it’s very creamy and the mint isn’t too intense and doesn’t leave an artificial taste in your mouth 🥺❤️ !

  86. My favorite Lindt chocolate at the moment is The Lindt Hello,Cape Town (Limited Edition) chocolate slab 🤩😍🥰

  87. Hi my absolute favourite Lindt chocolate is the crunchy nougat, It’s not extremely sweet and it has the perfect blend of delicious .. 💕

    It’s my go to chocolate, I love the smoothness with the crunch! 😍

    Once you start eating it you can’t get enough, It’s just so satisfying to the palette 😋

  88. Nothing beats COOKIES AND CREAM! well @lindtsa has an amazing range of chocolate heaven, but this one is my personal favorite. Absolutely loooove it. Love the blog post as well 💯 @tamrin_leej

  89. @lindtsa offers chocolate delicacies that would leave a consumer going back for more and more. Once you have indulged in the heavenly taste of lindt it is almost impossible to go back to ordinary chocolate again. Some might say it is too costly, and yes it is, but the quality is well worth the money spent. It is also worth the vaste range of flavors they have. I guarantee there’s a chocolate for each one of our unique tastes. But my personal favorite : cookies and cream & Dark Dior. Those are what I looove most. Should defs try it xx @tamrin_leej

  90. My favourite is Lindt Excellence Caramel with a Touch of Sea Salt (dark). The balance of flavours is delightful.

  91. My fav lindt is the 70% dark. Love it and its my birthday on the 9th….. some lindt would be an awesume gift😉😉😊

  92. Hello bar , caramel brownie is my favorite of them all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. My all time favorite lint chocolate is the orange intense lint slab 🍊 even just thinking about it and I’m craving 😂😍 what a delicious giveaway x

  94. I can’t say that I have one favourite because they are all amazing and the taste of each of them is so phenomenal. I do although love the original milk chocolate because of how it just melts within your mouth and your taste buds want more, the white one is lovely and I truly enjoy the cookies and cream because of the crunch it has within the chocolate. I love all Lindt chocolates and what I love more is being able to share them with my mom.

  95. #HappyWorldChocolateDay!!!! When I was in highschool my teacher would give us a Lindt Caramel brownie slab whenever we got an A and it’s always had a special place in my heart since then. I can never get enough of it!! Brings back happy memories and is one of my favorites.

  96. I simply love Lindt. the roasted hazelnut as well as the roasted sesame are some of my favorites ….. yumm

  97. I love all types of Lindt chocolate but my ultimate favorite is the 70% dark chocolate. Lindt chocolate has always been there for me when no one wasn’t, I’ll never compromise and get any other chocolate besides Lindt. Lindt will always be my first love…

  98. My favorite is the original and plain milk chocolate. Also a winner in my book!! This would be so wonderful as it’s also my mom’s birthday on the 7th and this would be a great gift for her.

  99. The original one is always a fav. But the cookies and cream Hello one is amazing ♡ also the assorted box one is really good. The hazelnut and white chocolate together with the original one especially. Decadent 😭

  100. LINDT 78% cocoa _ dark chocolate .
    It tastes good to my mouth and also good to my heart , head and soul 🤞❤
    The strokes of food_garsms I get from it are unmatched

    IG : @ludu_blaq

  101. Lindt Excellence 78% Cocoa has always been mine and my sister’s favourite and it would mean so much if I could gift here with them for her birthday. These chocolates helped us when we were sad or moody 😆😂♥️♥️♥️

  102. Such a lovely competition 😊
    My All Time Favourite Would Be The Lindt Excellence Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate😍😍😍
    Fingers Crossed 👀😍❤

  103. My favourite Lindt chocolate is definitely the Lindt dark with mint😍 Lindt just absolutely gets the mint flavour perfect!

  104. My most favorite favorite favorite lindt chocolates are Lindt 70% dark chocolate, Lindt Roasted Hazel, Lindt sublime mint dark, and Lindt délice pistache🤤😍

  105. My absolute favorites of Lindt is Lindt Lindor Cornet Milk; Extra dark along with 34% Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  106. My new favourite flavour is anything from the dark chocolate range, but the extra dark one is my favourite (in the black wrapper)

  107. I’m absolutely in loooooove with Lindt 😍 it’s so difficult to pick a favorite ♥️♥️ However, if I had to choose, I’d definitely choose the coconut truffles. Master Swiss chocolatier since 1845- indeed, the masters of chocolate 💯 nothing comes close to the quality of Lindt.

  108. I adore Lindt chocolate but if I have to choose my ultimate favorite it would be hello cookies and cream or the lindor hazelnut. I love a good dark chocolate as well.

  109. I love the orange intense dark chocolate 😍I use it a lot for baking, the orange adds another level of flavor!! Another of my favs from Lindt is the strawberries and cream as well as the 200g hazelnut slab 😍😍.

  110. Did someone say chocolate? Oh well, this is comfort food for absolutely any mood, LINDT EXCELLENCE (HMMM, pretty tough question as to which one is a favorite because chocolate is chocolate) but if i reaaaaaaally had to choose it would be the roasted hazel nut (any nutty chocolate for me works 😍) Lindt with coffee, Lindt on pancakes, Lindt over cuppies, Lindt and me? 😍Besties.

  111. My new favorite has to be the Nuxor in milk chocolate! No more fighting with the husband over the nut to chocolate ratio because it’s perfect in every single one 💕 also love that they’re individually wrapped

  112. My favorite lint chocolate is Cookies and Cream🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  113. I really love the Lindt excellence Extra Creamy Milk chocolate and the Excellence Roasted Hazelnut. Lindt is my absolute favourite which is why I always get them as gifts. I would really love to win this♥️♥️♥️♥️

  114. Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Caramel

    Salt. Caramel. Dark chocolate.🤤❤️ This hunk of spunk has it all, and is obviously (according to this one writer, who probably has no business ranking chocolate) the greatest of all the Lindt blocks.😩😍

  115. My best is the Lindt excellence 78%
    So yummy! But it is sometimes difficult to find
    And I can incorporate this is a healthy balance diet 😍
    The best!!

  116. 1 of my too favourite Lindt Chocolates is the Sea salt dark chocolate Lindt chocolate!!!

  117. 🤔My favourite Lindt Creation is Chocolate Fondant… In fact it’s one 😊of my favourite. My other favourites are Swiss White Chocolate and Sublime Mint Dark Chocolate. Oh 🙋‍♀️and also Lindt Heavenly CrËme Brulee. 😅To be honest I don’t have a favourite, I just loooovvvvvveeee all of them!🤤 Depends on the mood which one I buy on the day!!!😁

  118. Dark Chocolate Cocoa 90% is my favoured 😍🍫… I love eating it with a red glass of wine especially after having a rough day to relax

  119. Dark Chocolate Cocoa 90% is my favoured 😍🍫… I love eating it with a red glass of wine especially after having a rough day to relax and putting my feet up

  120. I am a chocoholic , and I can’t get enough of chocolate… i absolutely love love love love love love love love love the dark hazelnut lindt chocolate … it’s the best hazelnut chocolate to have been made , it is has a smooth texture and the beginning and then the amazing crunch at the end with the hazelnut 😍 . I would take the dark hazelnut lindt chocolate over anything else😍😍😍

  121. For me it has to be the caramel with a touch of sea salt and the orange intense but to be honest anything dark chocolate and Lindt I am a huge fan of🍫😍

  122. It’s hard to choose a favorite when you’re a chocoholic! But I’ll go with the Lindt mint intense.

  123. My Favourite chocolate is Lindt excellence 78%Cocoa I absolutely love it especially with a glass of Jameson triple distilled whiskey or with some of my favourite craft beers!

  124. My everyday Lindt chocolate favourite is Lindt milk chocolate slabs. How each little block is like Christmas in your mouth. You cannot share this chocolate. My once a month Lindt chocolate treat is the 70% cocoa slab. Decadent but yummy.

  125. My favourite Lindt chocolate is Dark Chocolate Intense. ❤ It is just amazing and I simply can’t get enough of it. ☺ Of course, Lindt is my favourite choice of chocolate. 😁

  126. For me undoubtedly it’s what I think is their signature product, Milk Chocolate LINDOR Truffles.. just always has the same unbelievable effect on me no matter how many I eat over how many years when I treat myself. #TooDamnGood

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