O’ri: gold-standard skincare

O’ri is a scientifically researched skincare range that was born out of a desire to make gold-standard skincare available to the everyday woman.

With more than 30 years of skin care experience and a dream to give every woman the best skin she’s ever had, founder, Elmarie Erasmus, was willing to use the last bit of her savings to travel overseas and find a skincare delivery system to make her dream come true. Thankfully, she only had to travel down the road to find cosmetic scientist Professor Anne Grobler and her breakthrough Pheroid® technology.

O’ri had humble beginnings and started out as a simple no-name, all-in-one treatment cream which Elmarie gave to her clients. She was astonished to learn that women were spending a great deal of money on aesthetic procedures, but almost nothing on their homecare.

The math wasn’t adding up and as an aesthetician who has extensively worked on the skin, Elmarie knew that healthy skin was created at home with the consistent use of well-formulated skincare. While her clients were willing to spend money on aesthetic procedures, they weren’t convinced that a pricey serum or cream was a magic potion worth investing in.

So, she set out to create an innovative and scientifically formulated range that was easy and simple to use, affordable and most importantly delivered results.

Today this range is known as O’ri and it consists of only five products that cleanse, refine, soothe, firm, hydrate, moisturise and protect.

No-fuss, no over-thinking – just beautiful glowing skin in a few easy steps.

The combination of skin-compatible active ingredients and innovative Pheroid® technology means O’ri is safe and effective to use on all skin types and all ages. The women who use O’ri are walking and talking testimonies of how good and effective the range is. Mothers have shared it with their daughters, and women with their friends.

A complete kit with all 5 full-size O’ri products is priced at only R1495.00 and available online on the O’ri website.

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