Thoclor: a simpler approach to skincare

The launch of Thoclor in 2018 was preceded by 10 years of research and development, taking a fairly crude solution containing hypochlorous acid and refining it to a medical standard optimised for use on the even the most sensitive skin.

The active ingredient is a medical-grade hypochlorous acid solution. Hypochlorous acid is natural and is our body’s own immune molecule. It has miraculous attributes. One of these is controlling inflammation – and GF2 was created primarily to combat and reverse the effects of environmental damage to the skin, primarily caused by sub-clinical inflammation.

Stuart Russel, co-founder of Thoclor, tells me more about the brand.

What is the ethos behind your brand?

We are about restoring dignity and touching the earth lightly. We also believe in embracing a simpler approach to skincare and keeping our products as natural as possible.

What distinguishes it from its competitors?

We don’t see ourselves as competing with other skincare brands. The customer should have the freedom to choose what works for them and by layering in our product into their skincare routine, they will enhance the results they see from those products.

We focus on elevating skincare outcomes.

Tell us about the people who use your products. Who are they? What outcomes do they wish to achieve with your products?

Our customers are quite diverse. This is due to the phenomenal attributes of GF2, namely combating “inflammageing”, reversing damage at a cellular level and improving skin tone. Other skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation also respond very well to regular use of GF2.

Where do you see the brand going?

GF2 should form the basis of every person’s skin routine. Our customers will tell you once you start using it the difference to your skin is noticeable, and they do not want to be without it. We believe that whatever you choose as a skincare brand, by adding GF2 into your routine you will elevate the results you are getting from your current products so you don’t need to change.

Visit the Thoclor website for more information.

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