The sounds of Thanda Safari

There’s always something special at Thanda Safari, the 5-star private game reserve situated in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, and one of South Africa’s top Big Five reserves and home to amazing wildlife and more than 400 different bird species and special right now is its ‘sound safari’ experience– The Sounds of Thanda Safari.

The sound safari features recordings of animal and bird calls, and was recently launched by Thanda Safari to evoke the sounds of the bush for armchair travellers during lockdown.

At Thanda Safari guests can expect stimulation of all the senses – and while they may want to ‘see’ extraordinary wildlife, especially the Big Five, ‘hearing’ wildlife in its natural environment is just as memorable and rewarding.

Thanda’s resident wildlife photographer/field guide and now sound engineer, Christian Sperka, was responsible for recording the sound experience. He went to great lengths to record these sounds as authentically as possible and encountered quite a few challenges – one being the risk of disturbing wildlife by his presence which, dictated by limited range of the microphone, was much closer than from behind his camera lens.

From the comfort of your armchair, while planning your post-lockdown trip to Thanda, you can revel in the calls of seven animals: lion, African elephant (male and female), black-backed jackal, cheetah, white rhino, and two avians, the red-billed quelea (also known as the red-billed weaver) and the ubiquitous beautiful Cape turtle dove.

Perhaps the best place to be at this time would be in the wilderness – close to nature, away from people and crowded public areas. Thanda Safari ticks all the boxes – 5-star accommodation, service and food, excellent all-year-round game viewing, exceptional Big Five experiences, perfect weather, and family-friendly discount packages.

Thanda Safari is a proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World and a multiple winner of The World’s Leading Luxury Lodge award. At the 2019 World Travel Awards Thanda Safari’s Villa iZulu and Safari Lodge came first in the Africa and South Africa categories for Leading Luxury Private Villa 2019 and Leading Safari Lodge 2019 respectively.

Photos by Christian Sperka

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