Women who create: Bailey Schneider

The beautiful Bailey Schneider is a radio presenter on Smile 90.4 FM, voice-over artist, MC and blogger behind Vanilla Blonde. She has been married to her wonderful Greek for 4.5 years and the couple has two little boys – 3 years old and 8 months old.

What has your journey been like to founding your blog and being a radio personality?

I have always loved entertaining and storytelling. I started my radio career at the age of 17/18 when I joined my university radio station. From there I’ve gone on to present in almost every format of radio, but community radio over the past 19 years. I’ve broadcast on Campus Radio, Retail Radio Festival Radio, Digital Radio and Commercial Radio. Currently, I host my own show Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 12:00 on Smile 90.4 FM.

Bailey in her element

I’ve always loved writing, being creative and dabbling in my photography hobby. I started blogging long before it was a popular thing to do and in 2010 I created Vanilla Blonde, where I share my experiences, personal stories, products I love and that really elevate my life, which I hope is helpful for my audience to do too. The blog is photo heavy and almost like an online diary for me. 

What’s the essence behind your brand / what you do?

In essence, I share stories and interesting information that I find really fascinating, inspiring and helpful. I share this information on my radio show, which I produce and present, and also on my blog.

The essence of what I do is also to remain honest, real and down to earth. It is important to me that not only my content, but my brand, gives a realistic reflection of who I am as a person. I don’t believe in ‘Doing things for the gram’ as one would say. I want my platforms to inspire people to not feel like everything has to be perfect all the time.

What do you love most about what you do?

I absolutely love that no day is the same. I love researching and learning new things, new facts, new hacks and so on and then I love being able to share in an authentic way. Writing and photographing for my blog brings me such joy and switching on the microphone each day, makes me feel alive and makes really happy.

I also love all the people I meet – getting to meet Smile 90.4 FM listeners as well as followers of my blog and social pages is just the best! These are the people who make what I do possible, so it’s always amazing to get to interact with them!

Name 3 women you admire and why.

My best friend, Karolina Raflaski. She has a heart of gold and has always been a huge cheerleader for me over the years, encouraging me to push myself and believe in myself. I’m counting the next two women as one, because they’re my family: my mom, Jenny, and sister, Tandi, who have always believed in me and told me to follow my dreams and get up again when I’ve been knocked down. My MD at Smile 90.4 FM, Lois O’Brien. She gave me my opportunity of realising a dream I’ve had of presenting my own show on a commercial radio station. I will forever appreciate her guidance and support.

Any advice for other women?

I think we have a beautiful strength in our softer sides and being vulnerable in what we share – it gives others a space to be able to share too, when we do. We also need to stop being so apologetic in the workplace and really own our space.

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