Women who create: Mzansi Room Rescue

Mzansi Room Rescue is a new home makeover show created and presented by a powerhouse of three incredible, inspiring and fabulous women whose aim is to touch the lives of people one room transformation at a time. The creators of this new YouTube series are Katlego Kondlo, Bridgette Mandava and Patty Mulauzi, who steer Plascon’s Decorative Team and are specialists in interior design, décor, paint and colour. On the show, each of these uber femmes has a dedicated role: Kondlo is the DIY expert, Mandava tackles interior styling and Mulauzi is the colourista – “like a barista for colour” she quips!

I caught up with the trio to find out more about them and this incredible project.

Tell me more about yourselves?

Bridgette Mandava

I am a dynamic marketing professional who has found a way of merging my passion for design and décor with my 9 to 5, resulting in an exciting and rewarding career.

I love to create and make bold moves that are way out of my comfort zone, like being part of a web series (as camera shy as I am).  I am a design creative who is inspired by people’s stories and love helping people tell their own unique stories through stylish and trendy design. I strongly believe your home should reflect who you are and a collection of things you love.

Patty Mulauzi

I am a colour consultant by profession, which means I get to work with my favourite things everyday: colour and people! I am a lucky girl.

I advise clients on the best colours to incorporate into their space based on their personal preferences and needs. I create colour schemes for projects of any size – big or small – which can influence how the space is used, is interpreted and feels. It brings me immense joy to bring beauty into people’s lives and impact peoples’ minds, bodies and souls through colour.

Katlego Kondlo

I love everything DIY. In fact, I am a DIY addict! When I am not putting together marketing strategies or entertaining my two kids, I can be found somewhere in my home painting, sewing or drilling. I am passionate about affordable and attainable DIY projects for everyday people and love a DIY challenge.

Being self-taught in most areas of DIY means that most of my learning has been through trial and error, so when we discussed starting the Mzansi Room Rescue web series I was so excited to be able to share my experience and encourage others to do the same. My journey of creating has taught me to embrace challenges and never be afraid of failure. 

How and when did the idea for your show originate?

The idea for the show came about as we were analysing feedback and research about home improvement and what this is for different people. What stood out to us was that across all socio-economic groups people had what we termed “home pride” – the pride/love people had for the place they call home. This was strongly reflected in their desire to improve their homes to reflect their pride. This, coupled with our work on different projects and seeing the incredible impact a well-designed space had on people, was enough motivation for us to want to do more. In February this year we finally sat down and got to planning and plotting how we can bring our vision of “democratising” design to life.

What is the ethos behind and goal of your show?

Our goal is to transform South African homes one room make over at a time, while we inspire and enable our audience to easily replicate elements of the renovation in their own homes. Our ethos is simple: share the knowledge, expertise and passion we have for design and make it attainable.

What distinguishes Mzansi Room Rescue from similar shows out there?

Mzansi Room Rescue is a fun and informative show hosted by three incredible design divas, each with their own unique skills and talents, and just the right amount of extra. Mzansi Room Rescue is proudly South African: we feature local businesses who work with us on the renovation, giving them access to a wider audience of potential customers. Our different points of view on design gives us a unique voice and brings magic to every renovation. We are inspired by the colourful vibrancy of our people; we’re on a mission to help people take charge of their space and inspire them to express their uniqueness through décor and design.

Name one woman you admire and why?

Wow this is a tough one. We admire so many women for different reasons, but one thing they have in common is that they are inspirational, ambitious and supportive to other women. Working together as three women we have first-hand experience of the heights support from other women can take us – Mzansi Room Rescue is evidence of this. We finally landed on Bozoma Saint John, the global chief marketing officer at Netflix. Her unapologetic approach to womanhood in the corporate world while being one of the leading marketers in the world inspires us.

Any advice for other women?

“Be the voice you needed to hear when you were younger.” – author unknown. Support each other; be kind and soar. The future is female.   

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