We all scream for (Las Paletas) ice cream

Diana Chavarro and Jason Sandell started Las Paletas over a dinner party nine years ago.

Upon deciding what to make for dessert, Diana created a range of three natural lollies; these were served after dinner and the response from their friends was, “Hey, you guys need to sell this!”

And so the duo did.

They started at a small market in central Cape Town and started selling from a plastic show box with dry ice in it and a cooler box next to them to keep the lollies frozen.

Shortly afterwards, they were approached by a large retailer as they were looking for someone to make lollies and natural ice cream for them and so the journey of Las Paletas Ice Cream began.

Diane and Jason started a little factory, and within two years, outgrew the space they occupied. They now have a purpose built factory in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Interacting with new customers and seeing the smiles on repeat customers faces when they are showing friends what we do here at Las Paletas.

What is the ethos behind Las Paletas?

Handmade with love from Earth. We will always manufacture ice cream that contains 100% natural ingredients – this is what sets us apart.

Where do you draw inspiration for your flavours?

We have looked at our partners’ heritage.

Diana hails from Colombia in South America and have drawn inspiration from her upbringing.

Jason looked at what he loved as a kid and remembered his peanut butter-and-jam sandwiches and we even created these for a short while when we started Las Paletas.

We look at what is in season and work or manufacture around what is fresh and locally available.

If you could serve any flavour of ice cream to any 3 people, what would it be, why that flavour and to whom?

Valencia Orange to the kid
Mom will have the lemon meringue
Dad will have the Grande Chocolate

The company also caters for corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.

Visit their website for more information.

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