My Sunday on a plate


The rays through the blinds in my room wake me up prematurely. Not at all a morning person, I reluctantly lunge one leg from my bed and release an annoyed sigh. Today was supposed to be a wake-up-at-noon kinda day. Heading to the kitchen, I brew my first cuppa.


I should know better than to open my work laptop – I find myself trawling through emails, while snacking on some crackers and leftover cheese from yesterday’s luncheon. I do a little bit of work before my second – and last – cuppa for the day.


I make myself a darn mocktail. Crushed mint leaves, lime cordial, lots of ice and some soda water. Grrrrrrrr.


Wontons for this workaholic, along with some spicy sushi on this here Sunday. My thoughts are racing to the line-up for this coming week. I diligently make a list of things to do:

I need to save the excel sheet to the relevant folder and clean up the old one.

Follow up with xxx on my request for xxx.

Book a moving truck (gosh, I’m moving… again).

Pack the last couple of things.


Tea and a scone on the stoep. My neighbour is working in the little garden – I always love watching them pay so much attention to the plants and produce (Is it weird that I like watching them?) I pick some tomatoes and chillies from the garden for later.


Snack. Tuna on crackers – with the tomatoes and chillies I had picked earlier. Glass of water because… lockdown, because… alcohol ban, because… I honestly need to get in the habit of a healthier lifestyle.


Not really hungry, so opt out of having supper. Green tea instead.


Netflix and chill – until sleep comes.

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