Women who create: Inga Sebata

In light of women’s month this August, I’ve decided to celebrate and get to know some of SA’s most creative and inspiring women.

The very stylish Inga Sebata is a wife, mom, PR professional and owner of a clothing line called StichedByInga.

Describe your journey to becoming a clothing designer.

My journey started after becoming a mom, to be honest. I started feeling like all that my life centered around was being a mom: changing nappies and breastfeeding all day. So, then I decided to revisit something I had always wanted to do and had put on hold for more than 10 years, and thus, StichedByInga was born.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Seeing clients happy, putting a smile on their faces and bringing their dreams/visions to life.

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

I’m online a lot, searching, researching and also listening to feedback I get from my clients.

What have been some of your biggest challenges and successes?

My biggest challenge was trying to figure out where I fit in in terms of the market, which is so varied; figuring out if I’m selling a product or an experience. My biggest success, I’d say, is honestly the clients that keep coming back and being contacted by Zoleka Mandela to make clothes for her – that remains a highlight for me.

Name 3 women you look up to most, and why?

My mother: she’s the epitome of strength, giant heart and unparalleled wisdom.

Oprah Winfrey: a role model of a woman in business.

My best friend, Liz Thobela: she has a heart of gold, always sees the good in people, no matter what – I admire that about her.

What advice/words of inspiration do you have for other women out there?

START – really, the only thing standing between you and that thing you want, is fear of the unknown … and since you don’t know anyway, then do it anyway.

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  1. Wow you’re the best Inga Sebata. Always remember you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem and loved more than you know., your enthusiasm is immeasurable. Congratulations my smile keeper

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